Technical Details

Acoustic ArtPanels are manufactured with a robust acoustic core and a rigid framework which protects the panel edges.


Acoustic ArtPanels standard panels are available in a 25mm thickness. 

Our standard set of panels available are: 

25mm thickness
 Size W x H/mm Price
600 x 900  £144.00
50 x 750  £144.00
900 x 900  £160.80
1200 x 1200  £208.80
1200 x 1500  £217.20
1200 x 1800  £264.00

We also offer additional Acoustic ArtPanels in a 50mm thickness and also panels in any size up to a maximum of 1200mm x 2400mm when you order a 'Custom Size'. 

Large format panels are also available in a stretched fabric application using our FabriTrak® system.  Contact us for further details.

Prices shown Include VAT.


Acoustic ArtPanels are supplied with a 12mm split batten arrangement. 

  • A 12mm ‘dummy’ batten spacer is also provided. This ‘dummy’ batten prevents the lower part of the panel from tilting into the wall.
  •  Now you can simply hang the panel onto the split batten on the wall.

Printing Considerations

As the printed image will wrap around the edge of the panel, please take into consideration that images with specific details e.g. text, may fall into the wrapped edge. 

In these situations, we will use our discretion to adjust the proportions of the image to avoid loss of important detail on the edge of the panel.

Image Proportions and Cropping

Once the image has been selected, we will determine the best crop of the image to suit the panel sizes you have chosen.

Please take into consideration that to obtain the best results you should try to match the proportion of the image to the size and format of the panel e.g. Portrait and Landscape formats.  This will minimize or avoid cropping.

Individual Acoustic ArtPanels can be made in any size up to a maximum of 1200mm x 2400mm

Large Format Panels can be provided using our stretched fabric system.

Acoustic ArtPanels is part of the Bridgeplex Group Ltd, which also includes FabriTrak© UK and Soundcheck

Acoustic ArtPanels

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